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Monday, June 9 2008

This Must Be 2008 -- Blogs Are Everywhere!

When Amy mentioned to Joyce (of Scarce) that she now has a blog, Joyce was amazed and impressed at how cutting-edge Amy is. There's definitely a geographical factor here, because at my picnic earlier the same day, we figured out that of the 6 adults and Julia present (all Brooklynites), every single one of us has a blog.

Devjani's is firewalled. Julia's Journal runs on hand-crafted HTML rather than blogging software, but that's because it dates back to mid-2002; I will move it over at some point. Sharon has two. In addition to Extra Pep, I edit Securosis.

Monday, May 26 2008

Razor and CYA Idiocy

We got a Razor for Amy and me, so we can scoot with Julia. It's fun, but apparently for robust kids, as the handlebars are too low for a grownup, but it's rated up to 180 pounds. The handlebars bug me, though. They have a label which reads:

Caution: this moves when used. Exercise caution & common sense when riding.

Tuesday, December 4 2007

Holiday Albums

I take a lot of pictures of Julia, and every year we make holiday photo albums (normally from iPhoto); last year we got 6.

I just went through December 2006's photos, picking 5. Now I have 2,400 that made the initial cut from January through November 2007 to review. There are also 47 Julia took this year to check out.

It's a big job! The books tend to be a bit longer than the base 20 pages, but we like them.