Achievement unlocked I flew to Austin, TX for the SC15 conference. I had two personal goals: to eat BBQ for lunch or dinner every day, and to stay within Austin. Aside from visits to small towns around Austin (Wimberly for crafts, Johnson City for LBJ's home, and Driftwood for the Salt Lick), I accomplished my goals. I asked friends for recommendations and got a few; over 7 days I had BBQ 9 times, from 8 places. The only failure was Franklin.

Austin Convention Center

Salt Lick

  • Tue: Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat (steak) dinner, then Rudy's takeout (token brisket) at another party.

  • Wed: la barbecue (lunch, uncrowded), with dinner at the Alamo Drafthouse (Spectre @ the Ritz)

la barbecue ritz

micklethwait 1 blacks stadium

  • Fri: We arrived at Franklin BBQ at 10:40, and the line looked reasonable, but the hostess told us that we'd get food at 2pm. This was absurd and too late for our 2:30 flight, so we walked to Micklethwait for another excellent lunch (first order when they opened at 11am).

franklin micklethwait 2