Sarah Donner opened:

  1. Rogue
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Bitches You Can Steal My Shit
  4. The Motherfucking Pterodactyl (see also the Oatmeal's great animated video)
  5. The Rebuttal of Schroedinger's Cat (no video available)
  6. The Kickstarter Song
  7. With Pride
  8. Signal
  9. Going under (in a Way)
  10. All My Guns

Then The Doubleclicks played:

  1. Will They or Won't They
  2. Worst Superpower Ever
  3. Cats and Netflix
  4. Lasers and Feelings
  5. A Lullaby for Mr. Bear (adult version)
  6. Wonder (Wonder Woman Song)
  7. Ennui (on We Go)
  8. Nothing to Prove
  9. Something Else
  10. This Fantasy World
  11. Velociraptor (?)
  12. I Love You Like a Burrito (with special guest)