Colin McGrath opened. The oddest moment of the night was when he told us he had never heard Jill before, but sound check was great.

Jill played with Sex Mob, who she apparently first heard at the old Knitting Factory and is now touring with. They were excellent.


  1. Palm Springs
  2. Barren Egg
  3. When They Say We Want Our America back, What the F#¥k Do They Mean?
  4. Joey
  5. I Kissed a Girl
  6. Kickstarter rap
  7. Filthy Little Devils
  8. Raleigh Blue Chopper
  9. Angel/Asshole
  10. Smoke Dreams
  11. Cinnamon Park
  12. Rocky Mountain Way
  13. Sunrise Sunset
  14. Resistance Song
  15. Modern Drugs
  16. Jetpack
  17. Nothing to Prove
  18. Steve's joke
  19. Attic
  20. Jill's joke (her first ever onstage?)
  21. Lucy at the Gym
  22. When My Ship Comes in
  23. Lucky in Love