We have been vexed by Dell's lack of Mac compatibility for some time, but things have gotten better lately. Our problems are specifically with DRAC's virtual console feature.

The virtual console on our R910 (iDRAC 6) was incompatible with the Mac keyboard layout. We could bring up a virtual console but the characters on-screen did not match keys pressed. Our workarounds were a) to connect to a Linux system via VNC and run Firefox there, or b) to connect from a Linux or Windows VM running on the Mac. Imagine my surprise when I tried last week and the keyboard worked properly! We haven't updated the iDRAC firmware on that system lately, so presumably this was fixed in Java, but it's a major improvement.

Second, when I tried to bring up the the virtual console on an R820 I got an uninformative timeout. Some helpful Dell folks pointed me to v1.30.30 of the iDRAC 7 firmware, which adds Mac Safari compatibility.

To get v1.30.30, search for your service tag on http://support.dell.com/, select ESM (Embedded Systems Management), and choose the 'Application' .exe download. Only choose one item to download, or Dell requires you to use Akamai's download manager, which doesn't work for me. The .exe file appears to be a self-extracting .zip archive, so just unzip it and feed firmimg.d7 to the iDRAC 7 Firmware Update page.