The Blowhole Theater Winterlude 2013 was at Barbes January 10th.


Ditty Committee played:

  1. Unicorn Farts
  2. Grand Larceny
  3. Your Drunk Wife
  4. The Ditty Committee Almost Knows the Alphabet
  5. Meat & Money, Inc.
  6. Ice Cream Truck
  7. Song of the Week
  8. Landfill Harmonic

Ed Pastorini played a few songs with vocal assistance from Don Ralph. I didn't catch any titles, unfortunately.

Virpi arrived just in time to participate in a Blowhole ritual.

Don Ralph, Gavin Smith, & Susan Hwang performed 3 pieces:

  1. The Whole Thing down
  2. Foul Pies
  3. Mobile Wash Unit