Our good friends James & Sharon got married Saturday in Rhinecliff, NY. It was a beautiful day with lovely people. The official photos by Alex Fedorov aren't up yet, but my photos are up (thank you Rich, Julia, & Amy for assistance).

Ask me or the Gerbers for the password. You can also upload photos to this gallery (with a different URL & password).


My toast:

I have known James almost 30 years, since he gave me a tour of his high school and convinced me to go there. In retrospect I see that tourguide role as early days for an outgoing and friendly actor. In high school James and I became closer as members of a fairly tight-knit group (cough gamers), which stayed together through college and as we returned to NYC afterwards. But James is the only one I'm still in regular contact with -- partially because he is still in town, but really because he's a great friend.

A few weeks ago I told Julia (hi Julia!) that I was having lunch with James. She told me that everybody could use more time with James, and she wasn't even mad at me for seeing James when she had to be in school. Thanks, kiddo!

I still remember the day James told me that he had made some comment about "A good day to die" or perhaps it was "A good day to move!" to a girl, and she had texted back "k'plah!" James and I agreed: this girl was a keeper. That was several years ago, but Sharon has proven to be much more than just a pretty face with a passing knowledge of Klingon.

Whenever a mutual friend asks how James is doing, I say he seems to have found his ideal match, and it's great to see how good they are for each other. We wish you guys all happiness!

As parents, Amy and I take turns going to grown-up parties like birthdays. Whenever I go to a James & Sharon thing, Amy asks me how everything went. I tell her it was nice to see today's stars, of course [nod], and that their friends are consistently interesting and pleasant to hang around with. I'm sure there's a quote about knowing the quality of someone's character by their friends, but I can't recall it. But thank you guys for all being a good bunch, too!

James, Sharon, we love you guys. We are so happy to see you together.