My old boss from the National Audubon Society, John Bianchi, played ukelele (actually banjo/uke -- someone else played traditional uke) at the Brag vaudeville show. It was fun, and surprisingly gender-bendy. Charles Goonan was the MC. He was funny, but spent too much time onstage -- considering the final acts had to cut to make time. Alas, iMovie ate much of my footage.

Brag 2011


Video of John

  1. The Sheik of Avenue B
  2. John Bianchi: With My Little Ukulele in My Hand

The Bill

  1. Amazing Amy (contortions)
  2. Stone and Stone (standup)
  3. Vic Ruggiero (guitar)
  4. Elena Giordano (dance)
  5. Rosie Rebel
  6. Leiybya Rogers (guitar)
  7. D'yan Forest (ukelele)
  8. Richard (Rosie)
  9. Danny Cohen (standup)
  10. Trixie (burlesque)
  11. John Bianchi (banjo ukelele)
  12. Rufus Khan (standup)
  13. Vic Ruggiero & the Slackers (with everyone)