Freddy's Bar has reopened in a new location. The new place is larger and nicer, although they still need to sort some things out -- staff kept walking through the stage during the performances. To celebrate the occasion, Freddy's hosted 3 bands on opening night: The Magpie, Brute Force, and Les Sans Culottes. Josh and I were there to see Gavin play in both The Magpie and Les Sans Culottes.

Many folks were snapping away with DSLRs and phones, and one fellow had a serious looking video camera, on a tripod, atop a raised platform. Fortunately for us all, Freddy's had the lights on.



  1. Biguine/Biguine
  2. Cormaine
  3. Copra Luca
  4. If You Want to Know Who We Are
  5. March Hora
  6. Old Plank Road
  7. Tania
  8. Mineola Rag
  9. Mysteriouse
  10. D Minor Bulgar

Brute Force

I didn't take any video of Brute Force.

Les Sans Culottes

  1. Magic Baguette
  2. Monsters from the Id
  3. Sur la Plage
  4. Allo Allo
  5. Je Suis Content
  6. Gangsteur*
  7. Jour du Velo
  8. Boots
  9. F.U.C. Something
  10. Chaussures
  11. Hot Bird
  12. Le Biz
  13. Sartre & the Lobster*
  14. Ou Est ou Est*
  15. SOS Elefants
  16. Telefon Douche

LSC Encore

  1. Shuba Duba Luba
  2. ???
  3. Ecole du Merde (for Virpi)

*: written by Gavin