Molly Mae and crew performed at Pianos, with a couple appearances by Latex Lily. Princess Sunshine opened, Amazing Amy contorted, and MDNA jammed with Squeezerock after their set. I got a bunch of decent photos.

  • Princess Sunshine opened with a rant on "Happily Ever after". Then she played accordion and ukelele and sang a couple songs about men.

Next, Molly Does Not Approve played a set:

  1. Cigarette Girl
  2. Free
  3. Find My Clitoris
  4. Canção Brasileira
  5. Pinup Girl
  6. Social Worker
  7. Baby

After Squeezerock's set the bands recombined.

  1. Hey Good Lookin' (extended jam with Julz-A -- unfortunately the lights went out partway through)
  2. Fortify (jam with Squeezerock; contortions by Amazing Amy)

Videos will be up on YouTube next week.