Several months ago, my MacBook Pro stopped joining the work WiFi network. This had worked for a while, but then stopped. I don't bring it in much, so it took me a while to realize it was a consistent problem. After a bunch of poking and prodding, we realized it only affected my account. So I used Ethernet at work, rather than recreate my home directory from scratch. MOSX FAIL.

Then it refused to boot entirely. I sent it in to Apple, who informed me I had one of a bad batch of video cards, which they replaced. ATI FAIL.

When I got it back the case was a bit bent and the optical drive didn't work. So I sent it back and they bent the case mostly back into shape and replaced the SuperDrive. I still cannot burn DVD-DL media, but I have decided this is a more general problem (which affects Mac Pros in the office too). AppleCare & SuperDrive FAIL.

Then my 24" LCD started flickering when connected to the MBP. This was annoying enough to interfere with getting work done, but hard to reproduce (schlepping a 15" MBP to the Apple Store is a nuisance, but bringing a 24" LCD monitor and waiting for an intermittent problem to reappear was non-viable). While trying to figure this out, I noticed that it also wasn't auto-detecting connection/disconnection of the LCD monitor, and this was easy to replicate booted from a fresh 10.6.4 install. I brought it into Apple, and it didn't reproduce with their monitor. Frustrating! So I reinstalled and spent a week manually copying over the few bits I really needed from a backup of my old home directory. I thought my problems were due to the replacement video card, but this was apparently double OS FAIL.

A few weeks later, started hanging. Eventually I realized the 2-year-old Inspiron was dead and bought a new server entirely, which is running now (although it occasionally has periods of unexplained high load). Linux mdadm didn't work at all, although I suspect this was due to underlying hardware problems. I'll need to switch back to a mirrored configuration later... Dell & mdadm FAIL.

Then we had a couple floods. After over a century of working basically well, major sewer FAIL.

The new is PCIe based, so it needed a new GE NIC, which keeps inexplicably losing its connection to the network. The new card and GE switch arrived today, but were stolen from the lobby of our building: NIC(?) & lock FAIL.

To make things more 'interesting', our Speakeasy DSL dropped a few times. I called Speakeasy, who told me the circuit was up and fine -- clearly not true -- and that my problems were due to the Linux iptables firewall (laughable, but with no Internet I found myself unable to laugh). At the same time an AirPort Extreme failed and refused to reset. I eventually got it to reset and reconfigured, and then our Time Capsule (which is relatively new, having been replaced when it died on schedule of bad caps) died. AirPort + Time Capsule + DSL FAIL.

Today at work my ~~18-month-old Mac Pro died -- apparently the power supply just stopped supplying power. Hopefully it will be up soon, once I get a replacement. PS FAIL.

Despite all this I should acknowledge that the Compaq Evo 510 SFF I bought several years ago ran fine until I retired it last month, and Amy's 2gb/2GHz MacBook has been fine (modulo some calendar problems, which were pure software). Our iPad and my iPhone 4 have also been fine. And our many hard drives have been okay. So not everything is failing -- it just feels like it.

Here's hoping the story is over, rather than still evolving.