We limit Julia to one or two "half-hour" shows per day. They're nominally 30 minutes, but really about 22 each after ads. When I grew up ads were annoying interruptions in the show we wanted to watch, although inasmuch as they were effective they did make us want to BUY.

Julia's never watched TV without a DVR, though. Ads are still louder and as attractive as the advertisers can make them, and the interruption annoyance is minimized by the DVR's fast forward. Julia tends to choose to watch them, as well as the bumpers at beginning and end, because she doesn't want to give up any of her limited TV-watching time.

Today Julia realized that if she skipped the ads, and watched for 30 minutes, she could see extra TV (more than one 22-minute episode). I'm somewhat unhappy because this means she'll be watching more TV, but more pleased because she figured out how to maximize her time, and as a bonus she'll watch less ads (she was watching about 30 minutes per episode already, and I'd mutch rather Julia see a third of another show than watch 8 minutes of ads). Now we just need to ensure she is able to stop at 30 minutes.