Last week and this week I took taxis. For a few years now, NYC taxis have had screens aimed at the back seats. After an annoying advertisement for the TLC, the OFF button shows up.

But now after tapping OFF, rather than just showing a relatively static ad for the people who make the screens, they instead flips back 'ON' to show TV-style advertising. This week I got to watch a stabbing and an ad for a fight channel. This means I cannot even sit normally in the cab without seeing advertising. Even if I sit at an uncomfortable angle to avoid staring at the screen, the sound is still on.

This makes me want to keep our daughter out of taxis -- and myself too!

Here's the complaint I sent the TLC Commissioner (they direct all complaints to the 311 switchboard, which doesn't have access to accept complaints about the TLC itself).

The seat-back monitors did not shut off before, and now they turn themselves back on after OFF is touched.

It's incredibly aggravating to be a captive audience for advertising. This is worse because the sound turns on. Today I had to watch one black man stab another, and see ads for a fighting channel. Last week, despite looking away from the screen, I was still stuck listening to ads.

This is awful.