I went to the 5th Annual Brooklyn Blogfest. Aside from the annoying cheerleading about how Brooklyn is the 'bloggiest', it was pretty good.

  • Best: Smartmom telling Spike Lee (declared non-blogger) what to do, and Spike shutting her down (repeatedly).
  • Second best: Marty Markowitz ambushing Spike, who was clearly underwhelmed.
  • Saddest: Spike explaining (twice) that he cannot live in Brooklyn, because people won't leave his family alone.
  • Oddest: The whole thing think was sponsored by Absolut, pushing their new Absolut Brooklyn, co-designed by Spike Lee.
  • Oddest coincidence: Sitting in front of Andrea Bernstein (who sat in front of us last night) before she went up to run the panel -- on how and why Brooklyn is the best place to live & blog.

Met in line: @foodculturist

They showed a lovely photo montage assembled by Adrian Kinloch, which unfortunately hasn't been posted yet. Some of the photos were from Visual Stenographers, one of whom was a panelist.

I joined the "Eclectic" BoF, because there was no computer/nerd group. Fortunately the group was pretty interesting. Next year's slogan for the group: "Meta is Bettah!"

The program claimed Dave Winer would run a BoF(?) called "NYC blog directory" in the same tiny room as my group, but I didn't see him.