Friends & relatives have lately asked what apps I use on the iPad & iPhone. Here are my current apps and a few notes. See also February 2009 & August 2008.

pPad apps, page 1 pPad apps, page 2 pPad apps, page 3 pPad apps, page 4 pPad apps, page 5

  1. Apple apps, assorted (mostly built-in)
  2. Video & electronic books/readers
  3. Miscellany
  4. Games & toys
  5. Drawing & game overflow

iPad apps are fewer and simpler. The three of us share this, so I don't keep personal apps like 1Password & Dropbox on it.

I have a simple scheme for organizing apps. Paid apps tend to go to at the top of the screen, as they are often more functional than the free "Lite" versions, and they were important enough to pay for. I haven't tried all of these yet, but thought I might. A few (NPR & NYT Editors' Choice, for example) I don't personally use, but show off when people ask about the iPad.

Note that on both iPad & iPhone, the same cluster appears: Tweetie/Twitterrific, NetNewsWire, Instapaper, & Kindle (sorted from most timely content to most long-running). These are the four apps I use most, although the ebook reader changes as I read books in different formats. I am looking forward to comparing iBooks on iPhone to On the iPad, I spend most of my time in Dock apps; the remainder is mostly in page 1 & 2 apps, with 4 & 5 largely for Julia, although Amy and I do play games.

cPhone apps, page 1 cPhone apps, page 2 cPhone apps, page 3 cPhone apps, page 4 cPhone apps, page 5 cPhone apps, page 6 cPhone apps, page 7

I've had an iPhone for 3 years, and there are still considerably more iPhone apps than iPad apps. Each iPad page shows up to 20 apps + 6 in the Dock (we have 82 installed), while the iPhone shows 16 + 4 in the Dock (I have 121 installed). On the iPhone, I spend most of my time on page 1, most of the rest on page 2, and fairly little on the other pages.

Facebook is annoying -- I rarely run it, but when I do there's often some message that activates the message counter. It's obnoxious that I cannot turn it off, but successful inasmuch as it prompts me to go back in and attempt to clear that pending message (which doesn't necessarily work -- apparently a Facebook bug).