So I'm trying to set up an SGE head for testing with Amazon Web Services. I had previously groused about problems with their installer, and got a couple responses from Daniel Templeton, but 2 versions later it's still stupid.

Today's issue: the RPM installs in /gridware/sge (fine), but the installer doesn't work unless you put the SGE software in the desired directory and before running the installer. This is not the way to do it, guys! So I'd install the RPM, move all the files it just installed into the desired destination directory, run the installer, then move the original files back to /gridware/sge (hopefully without disturbing the actually installed version), and then remove the RPMs, I guess, if they don't do anything useful. Okay, I give up -- I accept that Sun's SGE RPMs are worthless. I give in -- I'll install from source. Oh, and cleaning up I noticed that the RPMs install unclaimed files, so deleting the RPMs leaves cruft behind. The person who built the RPMs must really hate their job.

And... the source tarballs are tarred, gzipped, and zipped. Who was the genius behind this? We can hope that Oracle will kill whatever insane Sun website policy required such redundant packaging, but I'm not holding my breath -- more hoping that SGE continues to exist after Oracle notices it.