The VMware Fusion 3 download page offers a couple different downloads.

VMware Fusion 3 for Mac 406MB VMware Fusion 3 download includes VMware Fusion and a 12 month complimentary subscription to McAfee VirusScan Plus 2009.
VMware Fusion 3 Light for Mac 162MB VMware Fusion 3 Light download includes VMware Fusion software.

Does anyone believe that VirusScan Plus adds 244mb to the size of the installer image? It doesn't. The installer claims McAfee occupies 131mb after installation, and we can guess that's due to billyuns of incompressible Windows virus signatures. That leaves us with only 113mb of the full download unaccounted for. At couple Twits chimed in with the same question.

At 877 486-9273, Contract Renewals comes before Technical Support in the menu. Who decided to prioritize that way? Clearly the person who runs their phone system is more interested in revenue than frequency of calls or reducing total cost (time) customers waste navigating through on their phone system. says (for Fusion):

Requests are submitted via email or phone and responded to via email.

It then links to, which instead says "Method of Access: Web and phone" & "Response Method: Email". VMware's site & phone reps talk about "email support" for Fusion, even though apparently you cannot actually use email to open a support request. What a mess!

Internally here, I'm told forum support is faster and more useful than official tech support, but I need 'real' support for RFEs and bug reports.

Who decided 8gb was a good size for a Solaris 10 installation? That's not enough room for patches under S10.

Right now, I'm running a CentOS VM under Parallels 5, and CentOS & Solaris 10 VMs under Fusion on my Mac Pro. Once I'm finished moving my work in progress to Fusion, I'll uninstall Parallels at work.