I've had the camera for a few days and taken a few dozen pictures. I like it. After taking 188 photos & videos, I haven't seen any redeye yet.

A few friends urged caution and serious consideration before deciding on Canon or Nikon (preferably Nikon), pointing out that buying into a camera system is the beginning of a (potentially very large) series of expenditures. I'm not so concerned with this, as the 1Ti is decidedly at the lower end of the DSLR scale. I had heard great things about several Nikon models, which I immediately ruled out because they were (far) over the $1,000 mark. And I don't expect to spend *that** much on this camera (system). The camera itself is about $700 at Amazon, and the accessories I'm interested in are either in the $100 range (Speedlite, prime lens, telephoto lens with discount -- thanks Jeff!) or the sub-$50 range (extra battery, camera bag), so I am not about to spend $5k on camera bits and keep buying lenses. I never expect my 'investment' in Canon-specific accessories for this camera to be higher than 50% the cost of the camera itself, so I'm not too worried about vendor lock-in.

A large part of what attracts me is simply the hot shoe, for a larger flash sitting farther away from the lens -- just about any DSLR would provide that improvement.

When I think of classy cameras, I think of Nikons. I have very fond memories of taking lots of pictures with Dad's old EM body. I didn't develop all of them, but fortunately computers have effectively eliminated developing. On the other hand, my vague nostalgia for a film camera is less of a factor than my general satisfaction with Canon digital cameras over the past 7 years.

I do still feel like a philistine (or worse, a Porsche automatic owner -- yuck!). I intend to take almost all photos in fully automatic mode: auto focus, auto arpeture, image stabilization on, shooting JPEG (rather than raw), and do no enhancement in the computer (just crop, title, and post). I just bought a much larger and more capable camera, which I will actually use like it was a pocket camera. It's a good thing the automatics are good! But I am looking for good photos, not to experiment with the camera (although I may well do some of that too...).