I just found a very aggravating bug in Snow Leopard's Screen Sharing. This wasn't present in Leopard (10.5) or the 10.6 betas I used for connecting to these hosts, but is broken in 10.6.1. Fortunately the fix is straightforward. rdar://7364212 http://openradar.appspot.com/radar?id=109401.

Here is my report, for the next person to hit this bug:

Screen Sharing to Linux vncserver fails in 64-bit

I use VNC through an ssh tunnel to connect to 2 CentOS Linux servers.

pepper@teriyaki:~$ alias vncsaba

alias vncsaba='(sleep 4; open vnc:// & ssh -C -4 -L 5901: saba'

This worked a couple months ago, but failed this morning. I could connect, but only saw a white screen.

Interestingly, when I restarted the vncserver, the white screen changed to show the proper Linux desktop, then the connection broke, then the white box came back.

This was repeatable across both Linux servers.

I confirmed that the Linux vncviewer program worked properly -- no white box.

The workaround was to force Screen Sharing to run in 32-bit mode, which avoided the white screen and let me control the Linux sessions normally.