When I started my current job I got a desk in a large multi-person office. I've been printing to a high-speed printer/copier (which actually does decent scanning with functional OCR). There were a couple LaserJets and a fax machine elsewhere in my room, and a couple more LaserJets in the other multi-room office in our group.

A few weeks ago they moved the LaserJets and fax machine in my office, so they're now in between me and the high-speed printer/copier. Since then, I find myself walking past the LaserJets en route to the printer/copier, and wondering if I should print to them instead, to save myself the longer walk. But I don't because the high-speed jobbie is more efficient (green).

Of course, the walk I'm now mildly annoyed by hasn't changed, and I previously appreciated it because the shortest walk was to the best printer. So the movement of the LaserJets has significantly changed my perception of the (walk to the) printer/copier, and the significance of relative positioning is demonstrated.

Midly amusing, at least to me.