James and I toured Comic Con today. James enjoyed being there as a civilian, rather than a reporter/interviewer or a booth bimbo, and I kept noticing how much more interesting-looking the crowd was than a Macworld Expo, PC Expo, or Linux Expo crowd.

I bought Ultimate Spider-Man 1 (to read to Julia, although perhaps not yet) and The Graveyard Book, which I had to read after reading Gaiman's award post. I got both from the Comc Book Legal Defense Fund, where Sharon & James both helped out.

Additionally, I got some sketches for James, Sharon, Julia, & myself (Iron Man for me; Iron Man in color for Julia). I got an R/C Supreme Dalek for Amy & myself. Amy was pleasantly delighted (as was Julia).

For a bonus treat, I saw Kirsten Cappy, whom I hadn't seen since Wheaton. From her, I bought the first two Capt'n Eli books, which Julia should be ready for.

I even got a few pictures.

Now I'm off to read Ultimate Spider-Man 1 to see if Julia's ready for it. The work of a Dad is never done. ;)