Update 2010/02/01:

  • Tweetie 2 is much more capable than Twitteriffic.
  • EBook Readers: Bookshelf (or Stanza), Kindle, Eucalyptus, Classics, & B&N eReader
  • Games: Orbital & Snood
  • Free: Amazon, AT&T Mark the Spot, Dragon Dictate, Dropbox, Gallery, Gorillacam, IMDb, Mactracker, Now Playing, Skype, TidBITS, WhiteNoise Lite, Zipcar

I was listing out suggested iPhone/touch apps for a friend (several people have asked for recommendations), and decided to post my current list of suggestions. Note that the Lite apps are also available in Pro versions -- I purchased several after liking the Lite versions. Numbered items are roughly in order of importance. There are several apps I downloaded them because they are interesting, even if I haven't really used them yet. All except the last version are available in free versions, although I have paid to upgrade 3 of my 6 top items.

See also my 2008/08 list.

Highly Recommended

  1. NetNewsWire
  2. Twitteriffic (Lite)
  3. Instapaper (Lite)
  4. Remote
  5. Wikipanion (Lite)
  6. Shazam

Mildly Recommended

  1. 1Password (requires 1Password/Mac)
  2. Facebook
  3. Amazon Mobile
  4. Showtimes
  5. Lightsaber Unleashed
  6. Google Earth
  7. Yelp
  8. Stanza
  9. Darkslide
  10. iHandy Level Free
  11. Rain Stick
  12. Scribble
  13. Shakespeare
  14. White Noise


  • Space DEADBEEF
  • Labyrinth Lite
  • Sol Free
  • Tap Tap Revenge
  • Crossword Light


  • AroundMe
  • iWant
  • iTalk Recorder
  • Joost

Worth purchasing.

  • Classics
  • Toy Bot Diaries (1-3)