iChat has a bug whereby it won't let me be logged into the same .Mac account on multiple Macs at one time. There's an option to allow this, but it doesn't work. Apple isn't fixing it, and I'm sick of the un-blockable AOL error chats that come up each time I switch without logging out on the other end first.

Additionally, it's confused at least one person to have me logged into iChat at work, even though I wasn't seeing chats after I left.

Fortunately in Leopard this is easy to fix. I tried in Tiger but never got it to work right -- probably because I don't really grok AppleScript. I have a script that logs me in, and one that logs me out. On my work Mac, I run them to log in shortly before I get to work, and out after I leave. At home, I log in awhile after the work system logged out, and log out before the work system logs in.

pepper@prowler:~$ crontab -l |grep ichat
0   8   *   *   1-5 /usr/bin/osascript ~/bin/ichat-logout.txt
30  18  *   *   1-5 /usr/bin/osascript ~/bin/ichat-login.txt
pepper@prowler:~$ cat bin/ichat-login.txt 
tell application "iChat"
    log in
end tell
pepper@prowler:~$ cat bin/ichat-logout.txt 
tell application "iChat"
    log out
end tell