Inspired by Black Friday, I bought a Samsung 2433BW 24" LCD monitor. It's 1920*1200 -- basically a 1080p panel, but with DVI & VGA instead of HDMI & speakers. The thing is huge -- 75% more pixels than my old 1280*1024 pivoting Samsung (I should have bought 1600*1200 instead of a 912T). This seems to be as high a resolution as I can get, without going up to the much more expensive Dual-Link DVI 30" LCDs.

A few notes:

  • It's warm! I can feel the heat radiating in the corner of the loft. I noticed this with a 1600*1200 at Rockefeller a year ago. It surprises me that LCD panels radiate that much heat.
  • It's huge! It makes the 15" LCD on my MacBook Pro look sad (it's 77% larger).
  • The stand stinks. It was almost impossible to assemble without plastic lubricant, and Samsung phone support acknowledged the problem but had no useful advice. The stand is also low.
  • No dead pixels! I tested with ScreenQuery, a discontinued app for showing test patterns; I tried a few others, but they didn't work as well as the free ScreenQuery.