Dotclear is a slick new blogging package. It offers multiple blogs and native SSL support. The software and documentation are still actively being translated from French to English, and rather slim, but usable -- and the developers are actively working on it.

I spent some time getting it set up, and it looks quite good so far. Now that I have a working installation, I'm going to try moving my movie reviews into DC, and setting up a new blog for interesting links.



  • Multiblog Configuration, Method #2
  • cd /var/www/dotclear2 && mkdir cache public && chown apache:root cache public && chmod g+w cache public
  • Make sure public_theme & public_path are right.
  • mkdir /var/www/dotclear2/public && chown apache:root /var/www/dotclear2/public && chmod g+w /var/www/dotclear2/public
  • mkdir /var/empty/empty


  • Enable robots for each blog: Search engines robots policy
  • Enable XML/RPC per blog.