I decided to move off WordPress due to some security concerns and other issues.

  • Plain WordPress doesn't do multiple blogs (there are several hacks, but they are immature). I want to host at least 6 blogs, without having to keep each one upgraded separately -- each of our current 3 blogs used 11 plug-ins last time I counted. Also, it's insecure. It's sadly ironic that they claim "WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. -- but their XML export ("WRX") is invalid XML.
  • I looked at Expression Engine, but don't like the license.
  • I looked at Movable Type, but found it complicated and problematic, and they really only offer a few themes, with color/banner graphic variations (in 2 and 3 column variants, though!). Also, their support system is pretty broken; they offer corporate support, which requires payment, and they have 2 different fora, but only one of them appears to be available for unpaid users. Very confusing, and I found a bunch of bugs (in the site, not in MT); also, I like to do a lot of testing, and then migrate from test to live, and they lack good support for moving blogs around.
  • Textpattern looked good, but I quickly found significant breakage and incompleteness.
  • I looked at WordPress MU, thinking perhaps I'd live with the security risks -- after all, this content is public. Unfortunately, WordPress' built-in SSL support requires the HTTPS URLs to match the HTTP URLs (except the scheme), but I don't have 6 free IPs for blog management. No, I don't want to use funky ports to make the SSL vhosts work. The Admin-SSL plug-in can use a different SSL prefix ("Shared SSL") with regular WordPress, but not under WordPress MU. I reported this as a bug, but don't expect a fix soon.
  • Now I'm looking at Drupal, which is supposed to be very flexible (and complicated); I suspect it can handle my SSL requirements, but don't know how good its blogging features are. Goldman stalled my investigation, but now that my job hunt is winding down, I should have a bit more time to figure it out.
  • If Drupal cannot do it, I will look at EE & MT again. If I cannot (bring myself to?) get them working, I'll probably stick with a bunch of separate WordPress blogs for now.

Very frustrating!