I've been looking at migrating from WordPress to Movable Type, but been stalled for a while. Recently, Kevin van Haaren mentioned Textpattern, and I was impressed by its simplicity. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet look sufficiently mature. Among other things, Textpattern cannot import from a WordPress WXR file. Movable Type can (with some massaging), even though WordPress generates invalid XML.

Textpattern can only import from a live WP database, and I don't want my test server to have access to the live server. I set it up for a test, and Textpattern threw several types of errors.

Additionally, I couldn't see Textpattern's default comment, even before importing. The import caused me to abort before I got to investigate this one, though.

So back to MT, which has annoying limitations around blog management, but no dealbreakers so far.