Firefox 3 defaults to searching words entered in the URL area. This makes sense, as the Mozilla Foundation makes a bit of money every time they send a search to Google.

I don't like this behavior, as there's a perfectly good Google box to the right. If I type in google/calendar, I want, not Google's search results for "google calendar". After some searching, I found out how to disabling this feature, but it wasn't in the first 10 things I found. So here's a breadcrumb for the next person who prefers to partial URL canonicalization rather than using Google as a keyword finder (shades of AOL!).

Also, on the subject of Firefox 3.0.1, here's the list of keyboard shortcuts, which appears to auto-customize to the browser's reported OS.

And my first Firefox 3 bug: I was unable to cycle to the left of the left-most tab with Command-Shift-[; after I had cycled past the right-most tab, I was suddenly able to go past the left edge. Bizarre.