I've been a serious BBEdit user for years (I suspect a beta password many years ago was a joke at my expense). I use vi daily but am not a fan, and I find emacs inexplicable. As an system administrator, editing text files (typically configuration files and scripts) is a large part of my job.

So spending my days using Windows, with no BBEdit, was a concern.

I used kate a bit, and it's not bad, but it's limited (cannot even compare 2 windows!), and Exceed's Copy & Paste support is extremely erratic.

Many people suggested UltraEdit, but due to an installer issue, I was unable to use it. That issue has been fixed, and I got it running today. I'm quite impressed, although I have already discovered that its sorting capability is downright feeble compared to BBEdit's GREP-enhanced sorting. I see that UltraEdit offers 4 different flavors of Find & Replace: Plain, perl regex, UNIX regex, and UltraEdit regex. This seems crazy to me -- I consider anything that's not 100% backward-compatible with PCRE a bug, but I am not selling to a population of users who live in MS Word.

Truly weak: Find for $ doesn't work properly in perl regex mode with UNIX line endings.

I am both impressed and mildly aggravated. UltraEdit is much better than anything else I've used on Windows (or Linux or Solaris), but it's also less polished than BBEdit. I'm not sure how much of my frustration is because I have the advantage of years of experience of BBEdit -- compared to only a few hours to learn UE so far -- and how much is real deficiencies and lack of polish in UE.