Ouch! At 10:31pm last night, I started patching both Linux servers running reppep and associated domains, prompted by Rich's BIND alert. At 12:33am, www.reppep.com finished installing approximately 255 CentOS patches (including BIND), and I rebooted. Everything looked fine, and I went to bed. This morning, I thought it a bit odd that I didn't have any new email, but not that unusual.

Melissa left me a message that mail wasn't flowing, but I couldn't fix it at work. Tonight I discovered that amavisd-new, which handles filtering for reppep email, was unable to start. Strangely, it was complaining about the Compress::Zlib perl module, which was actually installed (version 2.008, via the perl-Compress-Zlib-1.42-1.fc6 RPM). Some more digging indicated Scalar-List-Utils-1.19 needed to be reinstalled, which enabled amavisd-new to start (it checks for Compress::Zlib and refuses to start if it finds something wrong, which was apparently triggered by the Scalar-List-Utils issue).

mailq showed me postfix was now getting errors from amavisd-new about MIME::Parser and File::Temp. CPAN reinstalled MIME::Parser and said File::Temp was already current.

I bounced amavisd-new again, and tried postfix flush. Over the past 15 minutes, postfix has delivered the ~~650 outstanding messages, and all seems well.

Separately, Alex noticed our blogs were inaccessible, but bouncing BIND tonight cleared that -- odd, as I checked http://www.bertpepper.com/ and got valid DNS resolution from both nameservers immediately after patching, but obviously something I didn't notice was still scrambled.

Anyway, at 8:45pm, all seems present and correct.

Sorry for the disruption!