I've been reading The Register for years. The biggest draw for me is that their idea of what's interesting matches my own pretty closely, so the relevance is very high, and I don't know any other sites/publications that provide timely coverage in roughly the same space.

Unfortunately, they're clowns. They obviously don't edit, and don't fix obvious mistakes when pointed out. For a while they had opposing columnists, one claiming Intel was crushing AMD and another claiming AMD was crushing Intel -- posting supposedly authoritative articles on the same days. My interpretation was that The Register doesn't care whether they print stuff that's flat wrong (obviously at least one of those columnists was, even if they were both personally convinced it was the other guy), so long as it draws traffic. This is one thing if labeled as editorial, but they're not that sophisticated.

Their articles are confused or simply wrong often enough that a couple friends refuse to read anything they publish. I prefer the current facts enough that I am willing to overlook the absurd editorial.

They use FeedBurner, and downloading their articles over EDGE on the iPhone is slow. To aggravate matters, their CSS is screwed up; I have to wait for the page to download, then it resizes, then it pauses and downloads some more, then it reflows. It can take over a minute to get a readable article. The AV Club is even slower to download and reflow, which is one reason I read it less.

But recently The Register has started doing full-page ads before the articles. This is aggravating on a desktop, but completely unacceptable on an iPhone. I've removed their feed from NetNewsWire/NewsGator.