I found a couple pages of Outlook keyboard shortcuts (the online help lists shortcuts too):

Many of these are standard Windows shortcuts, but a few are useful and news to me.

Eudora stopped working on my home MBP recently, so I'm back to Thunderbird, and it strikes me how similar Thunderbird is to Outlook, even extending to some misfeatures (design flaws, not quite bugs), such as over-using the Esc key. Compared to Eudora, pine, and Apple Mail, Thunderbird is clearly much closer to Outlook. A few things are notable improvements, such as being able to mark messages Read and Unread with the M key, instead of Ctl-Q/Ctl-U, or S to flag messages (stored as an IMAP tag; this shows up in Eudora as Label 15). And with a mailbox selected, Ctl-Q doesn't mark all its unread messages read, which it should.

In both Outlook and Thunderbird, Esc closes message windows; this is inconsistent with all other full windows, which are closed with Command-W, and makes messages feel particularly ephemeral. In Outlook, when I open a received message and hit the Space bar to scroll to the next page (which works in every other email client and browser I know), it instead inserts spaces at the beginning of the received message, which if course is not what I want.

I cannot find a good way to sort threads by date; I'd like every thread (perhaps every thread with new messages) grouped together, with the messages in each thread sorted internally by date, and the threads sorted by date (typically of the first message). In Outlook I can group "Conversations" by Subject: or group by From: line, but new messages keep showing up at the top of the mailbox, instead of the bottom (where they should sort, by date).

I have figured out more what's wrong with Refresh. First, I have to hit F5 repeatedly to make Outlook clear more and more read messages from unread-only views; second, collapsed conversations are not cleared; I have to expand them out and then hit F5 again. This is particularly annoying because Outlook has such a strong tendency to always keep one message selected and thus read (although it's not marked read, so I cannot simply mark it unread; I have to mark it read, then mark it unread, and then make sure Outlook doesn't preview it again), so it's quite difficult to reorganize a mailbox and get to a "clean" view (only new messages/threads) without losing some messages which Outlook insisted on selecting/previewing/marking read while rearranging.

And a little attention (not "love") for IE: I still hit Ctl-L to select the URL for copying, and IE7 still fails to do it, bringing up a blank URL entry dialog, instead of selecting the URL in the current window as Safari & Firefox do. I shouldn't need the mouse to copy the current URL.