I got Exceed, and after reassigning my left modifiers to X instead of Windows, kate is quite reasonable. It uses kompare for graphical diff, and comes with some CVS plugins. I prefer BBEdit's diff display (although BBEdit's diff has been broken for years). I'm not sure how I managed to view a couple windows in xemacs from kompare, but I can probably avoid that in the future...

kate is clunkier and less featureful, and not as configurable as I expect -- the commands I want to assign to the toolbar, for instance, are not available in that context. On the other hand, BBEdit doesn't use a toolbar at all, and rearranging menus is only supported in limited ways, so I'm not convinced kate is inferior here -- it may just feel like that to me as a BBEdit user. Hopefully Subversion support is available for kate, but that doesn't actually matter to me right now.

I need to get Copy & Paste working between Windows (including PuTTY) and Exceed; hopefully this will be straighforward, but it doesn't just work.

Per IDM, UltraEdit cannot be installed without admin rights, which I do not expect to get, so that's out -- at least until they offer an alternate installer.

kate icons are a bit fuzzy, but they fit the Linux aesthetic, and the fonts are very nice.