pctony (congratulations on your Apache httpd PMC membership, Tony!) just informed me that comments here are broken. I knew Preview was broken, and am guessing that it's a problem with my configuration of Admin-SSL, but hadn't known it affected anyone other than myself. Admin-SSL in this configuration creates a disruption between the public (reading) side and the SSL-encrypted authenticated side, and preview & user logins for commenting both appear to be falling into that crack.

If I can't get Admin-SSL working this way, I'll come up with something else, although at this point I'm hoping Haris can tell me how to sort myself out.

In the meantime, I'm sorry for the inconvenience (especially Tony's).

His two suggestions were to quote the path in the UltraEdit installer, or to use "dir /x" in CMD.COM to find the DOS-style 8.3 pathname of the destination folder. Unfortunately, I seem to have been wrong about the cause for their installer's terribly vague "1925" error message, as I tried another viable path (not containing spaces) today, and UE failed to install there too. Perhaps it's a registry access issue -- I sent email to IDM Software, and hope they have a more useful suggestion than "become an administrator".