For dessert: 4 bags of chocolate chips

It feels very very strange to be unemployed -- it's been 7 years since the last time, and I was too freaked out at Shooting Gallery laying me off to feel this way. Now that I'm a grown-up (having kid(s) means you're responsible, even when you're irresponsible!) it's a good thing that we're covered by RU insurance past the start date for GS insurance, but the whole experience is still very odd. I wiped the third computer today at 5:30pm, and am copying data off computer #4 (old right now in preparation for retiring it (it's falling apart, apparently -- optical drive died an hour ago).

Now I just need Apple to update the MBP15s, so I can replace this PowerBook. It's doing better than I thought, though -- doesn't seem any doubt that it will serve until the next update.

RU IT did right by me today -- a grand spread, consisting of John's pizza, baby back ribs, beef ribs (they looked like something from The Flintstones), and chicken wings. A nice (short) speech by Armand, and well wishes all around. Elaine hung a bunch of colorful signs, which delighted Julia.

I closed out my helpdesk tickets, turned in my keys (forgot to turn in my ID/swipe card, though), and updated the documentation on our load balancers again, as well as re-re-recapping for my co-workers. I had to say "Look, when you feel like you're an idiot, don't worry -- I felt like that repeatedly for years while working with these. The Big-IPs are absurdly complicated. Two kernels, a super 'switch card' that's doing all kinds of crazy (non-switch) stuff, over 20 IP addresses, 8 networks, plenty of bugs, and delays in getting technical support. It's not you!"

Maybe I'll have some time to investigate Linux & Windows text editors.