I went out tonight to see Gavin perform (accordion, piano, & backing vocals) with Anna Copa Cabanna at Jalopy, a performance space and instrument repair shop so old-timey and rustic they had a wooden bolt to lock the bathroom door and a wooden box sink.

Getting there was surprisingly difficult. I called a local car service, and they told me it would be 10 minutes. In 6, the car was outside; when I went out, she complained that I'd kept a woman waiting, and spent much of the drive complaining about the car we were in. Then she drove 7 blocks south to 9th Street, and asked me how to get there. Since the driver didn't know the way, I used Google Maps on the iPhone to give her directions. As we got to the Fort Hamilton Parkway, she began to tell me that Columbia Street (which Jalopy is on) didn't exist on the other (north) side of the Parkway; I insisted at least half a dozen times, and guided her around the entrance -- insisting to me all along that we couldn't get to the north side of the Parkway, until we saw the place, right where Google claimed it was. To get home I called Eastern, and they were 30% cheaper without arguing or needing directions.

I got some very dark pictures (no flash).


It was a very good show, although as a friend of Gavin's I didn't really appreciate the harassment of "Smitty" that's part of their shtick. On the other hand, I wouldn't have appreciated him treating her that way either...

Lots of strange songs about New York and America, by a fascinating and deliberately somewhat crazy outsider (Australian import). I was particularly impressed that they managed to do "Beauty Bar" as a real punk song -- on tambourine & accordion.

Anna & the MG5

I also enjoyed Royal Pine, but was a bit freaked out when they played a song I recognized -- "Pearl Polly Adler". This is inexplicable because I listen to perhaps a couple dozen songs I don't know each year (largely from James), so recognizing a 'new' song that's not in my iTunes library was a (pleasant) source of shock and confusion. Apparently I found it while surfing YouTube recently -- something I also very rarely do, as opposed to effectively never before the iPhone. The Pearl Polly Adler video looks familiar, but I can't be sure it's not all delusional deja vu.

Anyway, I enjoyed that song while racking my brain for where I had heard it before, and "Stone Cold Mamacita" even more, although I enjoyed the rougher and tougher live version more than the recording on Huasteca.