I put 2 750gb drives in a Power Mac G5 to run Leopard. Now I want to get them out, so they can go in a Linux PC. I've spent at least an hour struggling with the stupid things, and losing.

They were a bit odd to get in, but they're almost(?) impossible to get out. The drives are inside plastic guides, and only the edges stick out. I can't get a good grip on the top & bottom because the PCB (circuit board) is at the bottom and fragile. I can grab the left & right edges, but all I can do is wiggle. I removed a fan screw so I could have some more room to work; I loosened a drive bracket screw, but only a little bit, and stripped my philips screwdriver some on the process -- thus also the screw-head, of course. I would take the whole drive cage out, but it has 2 screws at the far (un-removable) side of the case, and I'd need to do quite a bit more disassembly to get at them.

I've been loosening the plastic cage -- basically just wiggling it to soften it up -- with a flat-head screwdriver. It's visibly looser, but the drives are still quite stuck. I've been prying up on the left edge of the drives with a flat-head screwdriver -- there's a lip I can just get a bit of a grip on -- but only moved 1-2mm so far, and I have to hope I don't damage anything by prying at the drive like this. I can see I've already scraped black paint off the drive.


Perhaps this is why they came up with a totally different drive mounting design in the similar-looking Mac Pros.