Apple just posted the docs for Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" Server -- which I've been asking for in the beta program for over a year. As one tester said, "Now we finally can find out all what we should have been able to test in the last 14 months… "

And I can begin planning the migration from 10.4.10S on a PMG4 ("wind tunnel", dual 1.25GHz, 1gb, 250gb mirrored) to 10.5S on a PMG5 ("cheese grater", dual 2GHz, 2gb, 750gb mirrored). It looks like all reppep users will have to reset their passwords, as Apple doesn't support exporting passwords, and I don't want to upgrade my standalone 10.4 to Open Directory and then upgrade that to 10.5 on the PMG5. Now that I think of it, 10.4@G4 vs. 10.5@G5 is slightly amusing.

Also, I have 1,472 bugs logged, so between the ones in ADC now that don't show up, and the ones I will report by next Friday, I am no longer concerned about reaching 1,500 by 10.5 release.