I reversed over 10 years of history today, moving my Eudora Folder off my iPod. I've been carrying my email around with me for a long long time.

I will now reply upon IMAP to keep my mail in sync (as many people do -- this is much of the purpose of IMAP). Two main issues kept me carrying around my email after I switched Eudora from POP (which it does wonderfully) to IMAP (which it does less well):

  1. Message Status. I know there are messages I have read and marked as such in Eudora, but where the server has the messages marked as unread. I suspect in some cases this is because Eudora lost connectivity to the server and was unable to update the read/unread status immediately, but I've been shielded from this by carrying my mail (and the ToC files where Eudora keeps read/unread status) with me on disk for years.
  2. I use open Eudora messages as a To Do list, and each copy of Eudora will keep its own independent list of open windows. I don't know if I'll use saved searches or how I'll keep track of messages that require attention yet.

I have (and needed!) several reasons to make the switch:

  1. I no longer have to carry around an iPod all the time. To and from work isn't too bad, since I was often listening to it, and the iPod is much less obtrusive on a belt clip than my VST 10gb 2.5" FireWire drive was, but it's still something else to carry/remember/worry about losing.
  2. I can now once again use my iPod. Previously it was really only available when travelling, because the rest of the time the iPod was plugged into a Mac in FireWire Disk Mode. To take and use the iPod required first quitting Eudora and unmounting the iPod, and later plugging it in and letting Eudora relaunch and open all its windows.
  3. I am getting an iPhone (rather than the iPod touch I ordered last week), and don't want to give up 1.5gb of its 8gb for email.
  4. I cannot leave my iPhone tethered to a computer in disk mode when I walk away from my desk.
  5. I can now easily run Eudora on my work laptop (the iPod was always plugged into my work desktop). I actually started doing this a while ago, and my head did not explode due to IMAP sync discrepancies.
  6. Moving my laptop around our apartment will be more convenient -- I won't have to carry the iPod around (plugged in) on top of the keyboard as I walk up and down stairs.

This is a BFD for me.