Earlier this week, Lyman mentioned he was hooked on Questionable Content, a web comic. I told Sam (late of Rockefeller IT), who was immediately hooked. I have just now finished reading the whole strip (964 epsodes). A most enjoyable way to spend hours I did not have free!

It combines aspects of Hothead Paisan, Dykes to Watch out for, UserFriendly, and a whole music scene I know of only from The Onion A.V. Club. I'm sure there are many other references I'm not even aware of -- my comic tastes generally ran more to The Badger, X-Men, and Dynamo Joe.

It's interesting to see how the drawing and dialog have evolved over time. The art has gotten better (it was good to start with), and there has been less focus on music, with more and more sexual hijinks. I assume these have helped make QC so popular.