I've spent the past 90 minutes or so scanning over 100 CDs into Delicious Library. These aren't even CDs I particularly want to keep -- I'd be happy to lala them, but it's great to have such a simple way to build a catalog.

I'm wishing for better integration already. DL doesn't pick up albums or album covers from iTunes, even though obviously there's a very strong correlation between CDs I own and complete albums in iTunes. Further, it doesn't interface to lala -- they already have a list of CDs I own, and automatic updating between lala and DL as I buy, send, and receive CDs would be excellent. Likewise, building web pages from the catalog requires a third-party utility (fortunately free).

This might be helpful for my parents, who own a 300 CD changer and have a lot of trouble keeping track of what's in it -- but I haven't gotten that far yet.

DL does books, movies, music, and games. It works most easily by scanning UPC barcodes with an iSight -- I'd heard about it and thought it sounded great, but only recently gotten a computer with an iSight built in. As it turns out I could probably have used my Sony TRV25 DV video camera, but this is fine. I expect to have all our CDs and DVDs within a month; afterwards I'll start scanning books. Not sure if I'll ever use the database for anything important, but it will be excellent to have a database.

For friends like James and Matthew who have out-of-control CD collections, this could be a huge deal.

DL serves as a good illustration of the differences between physical and virtual. Holding the CD in front of the camera is annoying and slow, while sucking information down from the Internet is fast. I suspect part of this is false perception, though, as it may well be pinging Amazon with tentative bar-code scans until one is verified, meaning the Internet lookup is already halfway done, and contributing to what feels like scanning time.

I only had one bar-code that read wrong consistently, and one CD (Snapshot: Live At the Iron Horse, by Livingston Taylor) where if I put the artist in DL doesn't know what it is -- on the other hand, if I leave the artist blank, DL correctly picks up the Amazon profile -- which shows Livingston Taylor on the site. Very strange.

Tip: Scanning got much faster after I rotated my MBP slightly. It was about 2' away from the wall, and once I turned the back of it slightly towards a ceiling light, so there was better illumination on CDs in front of the iSight, scanning took less than half as long as it had been. This is mentioned in the help, but I had thought there was sufficient light because it worked. I was impressed with the difference a small rotation made -- perhaps Delicious Monster will add a low light warning in a future version.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't format titles the way I do, so I'll consider DL a reference, and iTunes the master.