We noticed several fire engines and a crowd of people standing on 5th Ave and 2nd St, looking at a building across the street (on the west side of 5th Ave, between 2nd & 3rd Sts). We initially thought Gary's building was on fire, but there was no smoke -- just a couple cherry pickers working at an empty building in the middle of the block.

Observers, out our window

Ironically, we noticed on Sunday that you can see right through that building, which we hadn't really noticed before, and I took some pictures:

Looking through the windows

Very strange, and we still don't know what happened. We hope nobody was hurt.


Update 2007/08/10: They have boarded up the windows, and continued building on top. It doesn't look like there was a fire; Scott & Christine think there was some sort of collapse of the construction work they're doing.

Now it's boarded up