I want an iPhone, of course.

My problem (aside from cash outlay to purchase -- the monthly compares well to my current Verizon unlimited data plan), is that it's not quite what I want.

I have a 60gb iPod photo, which has been full almost since I got it. I stopped using lala a while ago because the iPod can't hold any more music, and I really want it all with me. Ironically, I can't listen to my iPod most of the time, since it's usually plugged into a Mac with my Eudora Folder mounted. On the other hand, using rsync, I keep all my music on all my Macs, so the iPod being unavailable is not a big problem.

I use my Treo 650 very heavily, for the following (roughly prioritized):

  1. Phone: less than 30min in a typical day, but critical.
  2. SMS Pager: light use, but critical.
  3. Plucker: anywhere from 10 to 180 minutes per day.
  4. Address Book & Calendar, many times a day, but iSync keeps corrupting my data.
  5. TCPMP to watch TV: anywhere up to 120 commuting minutes per weekday; unfortunately TCPMP can't handle H.264 video quality, and capacity is limited to an SD card. I think my 2gb SD card is the biggest it can handle, but cannot confirm; I'm not going to carry a bunch of SD cards around to watch more TV.
  6. Web Confidential: Apple's 4-digit PIN is completely inadequate to replace this.
  7. TomTom Navigator: indispensable on trips, and Google Maps doesn't support Bluetooth GPS.
  8. Vindigo: Replaceable by Google & Google Maps, and much less important now that I'm a father. ;)
  9. Documents to Go: iPhone can handle this directly.
  10. Web browsing: I rarely do this over Verizon's network.
  11. Still & video camera: The Treo's stinks, and I carry my Canon SD800IS during weekends.
  12. Salling Clicker: recently replaced by an Apple Remote.
  13. TuSSH/pssh: I'd really really really like an iPhone ssh client with secure private key storage, but the Treo applications are not mature either. Instead I now carry a laptop to all meetings, which is a significant productivity booster, but much bigger and more expensive than an iPhone.
  14. Games: I rarely have time for them, and the iPhone will certainly get some, as it's a much better platform than the iPod.

In contrast, I use my iPod anywhere from 0-120 minutes per weekday for listening to music; the rest of the time it's generally mounted as a hard drive. If and when Thunderbird + Penelope is suitable, I'll be delighted to switch to independent IMAP clients on all my Macs.

So what I want is an iPhone with a 100gb drive, ssh client with encrypted private key support, encrypted data storage, the ability to read Safari web archives (Safari on Mac & Windows would need the complimentary ability to create such archives, like Plucker), and GPS support in Google Maps.

Without a hard drive, it's not a suitable replacement for my iPod, and I will be quite surprised if Apple doesn't offer a 100gb large-screen iPod sans phone by the end of this year.

Without offline browsing, encrypted data storage, and GPS, it's not a good replacement for my Treo 650.

I hope the next-generation iPhone includes 16gb, 3G celluar data, and GPS. If I got a current model iPhone, I'd probably keep 2-3gb of video and 3-4gb of music on it, and deal with the frustration of not having the rest of the music. I really do not want to switch to watching TV instead of reading (computer) news on the train, but I could console myself with surfing as I walk to and from the train. I'd probably bring my Treo on trips for GPS. I'm not sure what I'd do about Web Confidential. Most of the time I could get the same data from a Mac at home or work, but not always. I could put a subset of the data on an SSL and password protected web page for reference, but that's risky.

I currently carry noise-blocking stereo earphones, a phone headset, and a 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter; I switch back and forth a couple times a day. A single high-quality headset with mic and button sounds great, although I'd prefer an in-ear model with more noise blocking than Apple's In-Ear Headphones, which I found inferior to both Shure and UltimateEars 'phones.

Update: I have an iPhone for a couple days on eval, and I've confirmed that although it will accept my WPA Enterprise password, it can't actually join the network. This is a problem as we only allow access to many management interfaces from trusted networks, and the wireless one requires WPA Enterprise.