I give up on iSync. Last week it tanked again, and I cleared out all the Mac bits I could find and restarted from just my PowerBook (as well as I could), but it kept bloating and not finishing. On the third attempt, Conduit Manager started crashing during iSync.

Eventually I wiped my Treo, which is not an acceptable fix for Apple's data corruption. Now I'm trying to get everything back in sync.

I thought it was going to work, after a half-hour iSync run, but CM crashed again. What a load.

I think I just have to accept that Apple hasn't solved this problem (despite their claims), and switch to rsync updating my calendar, Address Book, and bookmarks from my PowerBook with rsync. So much for the (fantasy) of being able to update my calendar on home & work Macs.

Crud. Crud. Crud.

Conduit Manager keeps crashing on iSync. Now I'm wiping iCal and reverting. Yuck.

I had to wipe the Palm, but after Reverting iCal to a current backup, Conduit Manager miraculously stopped crashing (after 4 crashes, so it was a surprise).

Apple intends to renew my .Mac membership in 47 days, so that gives me a timeframe to wean myself from it. Murphy says I will do so, and then the iPhone or Leopard will have a great .Mac feature that sucks me back in...