Last week my PowerBook ran out of free space. After cleaning up and rebooting a couple times, I realized it was because ~/Library/Application\ Support/SyncServices/ was bloating again. I cleared it out, re-enabled iSync (deleting this folder disabled the iSync Palm HotSync conduit), and ran out of space. I deleted again & left iSync off, because I didn't have time to fight with it.

Tonight, I again cleared my .Mac sync data (unregistered all clients) and iSync history, rebooted, did a .Mac sync, and re-enabled Palm synching. Perhaps half an hour later, the Treo 650 just finished synching "for the first time" and SyncServices is 1.4gb. That was a "Fast sync"! No good.

pepper@pepperbook:~$ du -hs Library/Application\ Support/SyncServices/
1.4G    Library/Application Support/SyncServices/

Loading “Apple”
    Conduit “iSync Conduit” version 3.0.0
    Sync type is Fast
iSync Conduit starting 2007/06/26 12:30:55 AM
OK iSync Conduit

.Mac sync is still spinning in the menu bar, and SyncServices is now up to 1.5gb.