Time-Warner Cable was here again today. They have called at least half a dozen times since their last visit in May, twice to confirm appointments we hadn't made, several times during dinner to schedule appointments (the last time he was unable to actually schedule the appointment, though, as his computer wasn't working), and consistently failed to make promised follow-up calls.

Today they just showed up and buzzed, without the automated appointment-confirmation call yesterday -- fortunately we were around. When they arrived, we couldn't get channels 3, 6, 8, or 10 on either TV.

They ran new wire from Song (next door) over the building and back down, separating us from a neighbor who was apparently on the same coax. When they left, our upstairs (non-HD) TV & TiVo seemed fine, but our downstairs TV was still showing video artifacts and occasionally buzzing loudly, although we were at least getting picture on all channels. Apparently the run is so long they need an amplifier, but didn't have one. So tomorrow someone should be back to install an amplifier (supposed to take 10 minutes), which should fix our downstairs reception. We'll see if this also raises the signal:noise threshold, which the phone rep I spoke to said was a hard rule, but both field technicians have said was meaningless.