I'm testing Apple's Certificate Assistant, and when I generate a CSR, I get a Conclusion dialog that tells me my CSR has been emailed to my CSR for action.

Unfortunately, I never get the CSR (I'm the CA in this case). I have confirmed no mail was ever actually sent (see http://www.extrapepperoni.com/2007/05/09/restarting-syslogd/), and I even fired up Mail.app to make sure there was nothing waiting in my Drafts there -- no dice.

So as far as I can tell the CSR functionality is completely useless, because I'm completely unable to lay my virtual hands on the CSR CA claims to generate.

Does anyone know better? Do you use CA and get the emails? Do you know where I can find the CSR files, at least?

Thanks for any pointers.

PS-Yes, I filed a bug.

PPS-I have confirmed, using 6 shell accounts across 4 machines, 2 email accounts on different servers, mail.log, & tcpdump, that no mail is ever sent. Apparently it works for other people, though, so I'm at a loss.