The IT Office staff has moved, along with management. Most of the UNIX Systems Group moves Tuesday. It's not a happy thing, although we're hoping for mitigating factors.

Just in time too -- this place is falling apart around our ears. A heavily used door is broken, the bathrooms are broken (broken toilets, a flood, and an ant colony). The copier broke and has been left behind. The new bathrooms have no urinals; we'll see if that has a significant impact on cleanliness.

Furnishings are not great; the monitor arms don't quite fit under the tasks lights, the new locks are different than the old ones, so while we had the same key for desk/cubbies/pedestal before, the old pedestals can't be keyed the same as the new desks/cubbies. I've been offered a new pedestal, so I wouldn't have to carry more keys, but the new ones are smaller...

We're refusing furniture to have more floor space, and various things are now inconveniently farther away.

We're out of boxes already, and I haven't packed up (although I have gotten rid of some stuff).

Hopefully Monday will be less busy than today, so I can pack!

Our office, from above