Friday night I got 2 750gb hard drives for the Power Mac G5 I brought home from work. I was very impressed by the elegance of its hard drive bays (which have since been replaced by carriers in the Mac Pro), and it's much faster than anything else in our house (until Amy gets her MacBook tomorrow -- that might be faster), so I'm doing a little iMovie work on it.

I've installed Leopard Server several times already, having some trouble with networking/naming, largely around the fact that the Power Mac has an internal hostname & IP, an external hostname & IP, and a DNS hostname for the external IP which didn't agree. Mac OS X Server is picky about hostnames & IPs, and ironically this weekend I found and fixed a similar problem on my PMG4, which dates back to when it became the production (www|mail) (shortly after 10.4.0 [Server] was released); I noticed the old name kept showing up in odd places, and now I know why. changeip is your friend.

I just checked, and I have sent 24 messages to Apple since Friday night; probably 1/4 are updates for existing reports. Most of them are about very small points.

The new box will be a Leopard Server testbed until it's released, and then the production (www|mail), with much more disk capacity and general "oomph".

For the stuff I had planned a week ago, I've done most of it, but the TiVo isn't connected yet (it's sitting under a table waiting for me to take the time, but the APExpress is ready to go); Amy's MacBook arrives tomorrow, and I just sent my original MacBook Pro to Apple to get its backlight fixed and perhaps battery replaced; once it's back I am considering sending the new 23" CD in to have its backlight replaced, as it's got an annoying flicker in the lower right quadrant.

The rest is done; I can now post images to Julia's site at 100mbps from my PowerBook, rather than AirPort speeds, and I am considering moving the GE switch to the inside, since that would let the PowerBook run at full speed (and most bulk transfers are betweeen it and the server), and obviously the front side of the network is throttled by our 3mbps/768kbps DSL circuit. But it requires me to use different names for everything to get top speed and bring an old 100mbps switch back online, so I'm not hurrying to implement. I can see the GE is working, though -- I just moved a 1.35gb iMovie project from the PMG5 to the PMG4, and it peaked at 300mbps, averaging half that. After I invert the network I'll see if the PBG4 can do faster transfers than the PMG4.

I decided to hold onto the Dell PC, since nobody else wants it and it's a fine machine for XP or Linux; I'll just leave it in a corner until I come up with a worthwhile use for it.

It's very nice to have an iPod on the stereo again.