I was discussing this week's plans for computer rearrangements with Amy, and was amazed when I listed them all. Most of these will happen this week.

  1. I'm getting a Mac Pro at work; it has shipped and should be in soon.
  2. I got the (very nice) 23" Apple display already; I'll connect it as soon as I get the Mac Pro.
  3. I'll bring my current PMG5 home; it will become a Leopard testbed, and after Leopard's release will become www.reppep.com.
  4. The PMG5 has a 17" Apple LCD with ADC connector, which will come home with it (I don't have anything else at work with an ADC connector, and nobody wants a 4-year-old 17" display).
  5. I bought a 20" LCD at work a few months ago, but the ATI video card Apple shipped with the PMG5 can't drive it and a 17" display properly. I got a replacement card, thinking it was defective, but the (expensive) replacement part had the exact same problem, so it's a design flaw with that model. I brought the 20" display home and brought my own personal 19" display to work. I will bring the 20" back to work.
  6. I will bring the 19" LCD back home (I'll miss the pixels for iPhoto, but otherwise it's fine).
  7. Amy now suddenly needs a new computer (preferably one which can run Windows), and our finances have just gotten tight again, so I have deferred my purchase, and instead bought her a MacBook, which should arrive this week.
  8. At work, I have an original MacBook Pro which I use for a) ssh, b) Safari, c) Leopard testing, & d) Parallels/VMware hosting & testing. I'll bring my own PBG4 in for ssh & Safari, do Parallels/VMware on the new Mac Pro, and move Leopard testing to the PMG5 at home.
  9. I'll bring the MBP home, where it will be much faster than the PBG4.
  10. I'm replacing our 100mbit switch (the old gigabit switch died a year ago) with a new 8-port gigabit switch -- for $35 ($50 before rebate!!!).
  11. I'm running Ethernet to the loft where my desk and printer are; this will free up an AirPort Base Station currently connecting the printer to our home LAN via WDS.
  12. I will replace our upstairs DVR with our hacked Series 1 TiVo, so I can once again extract video to watch on the subway with TCPMP; I will use the newly-freed-up ABS to connect the TiVo's Ethernet.
  13. My 60gb iPod photo should be back soon, so I'll be moving my Eudora Folder (email) back off the old 10gb (which was mine, then Amy's, then attached to the stereo to share).

Then later this month, we'll pack up our offices and move everything to the Super-Tent. I'll be moving the Mac Pro and PBG4 w/ 2 displays, and getting rid of my Sun Blade 100, Dell Windows PC, & Microway Linux PC -- replacing them with VMs on the Mac Pro.